How to sell Nexo: Guide for Beginners

Nexo is the first of its kind platform that allows you to take instant crypto-backed loans. Since 2021, the price of the NEXO token has been steadily growing, and the platform is attracting more and more customers. We invite you to discover the Nexo project, find out its prospects, as well as the probable reasons why users want to sell NEXO.

Key Points:

  • Nexo is a specialized online platform that provides crypto-backed loans.
  • The platform offers an intuitive interface, 0% APR, a wide range of currencies, and discounts.
  • You can find the most profitable way to sell NEXO with the help of Fiatom.

What is Nexo?

Nexo is an innovative lending service that allows users to use crypto assets as collateral. The platform allows you to take loans in fiat or stablecoins, earn up to 17% annual interest on deposits, and receive daily payouts. As part of Nexo, the user is provided with crypto-backed loans (38 cryptos supported), which enable the owners of digital assets to put their cryptocurrency into circulation without selling it. Nexo takes the best of both worlds:

  • Instant access to fiat funds.
  • Full retention of ownership of the cryptocurrency.

The business model looks like this:

  1. The client transfers the cryptocurrency to the Nexo account. As soon as the transaction is confirmed, a special oracle calculates credit limits and other settings of a potential loan.
  2. The client receives an instant loan in fiat or stablecoins. Customers can choose the most convenient way to receive funds.
  3. The client repays the loan. This can be done with both fiat and cryptocurrency. If you pay with NEXO tokens, you can get a discount on the interest rate.

Blockchain technologies, smart contracts, and oracles ensure transparency and complete security of all processes. 

NEXO is a utility token of the platform that allows you to:

  • receive dividends;
  • increase the interest rate on deposits;
  • reduce the interest rate on loans;
  • increase cashback for payments with Nexo cards;
  • increase the profitability of the referral program.

Why sell Nexo?

Nexo is one of the most convenient and reliable platforms for crypto lending. Most investors are bullish about the project. But there are still a number of reasons why users sell NEXO tokens:

  • The user no longer needs the platform’s services.
  • The user wants to protect the funds from sudden price drops.
  • The user wants to get a profit from previous NEXO purchases.
  • The user wants to invest in other promising cryptocurrencies.

How to sell Nexo?

In order to sell NEXO, you need to choose a platform that supports operations with fiat. We recommend that you study the reviews of the platform on third-party resources, compare the fees charged by the platform, and exchange rates for the sale of NEXO. If you value your time, you can use Fiatom. We compare the exchange rates of various fiat providers and provide you with the best offer. Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose NEXO and enter the number of tokens you want to sell.
  2. Select the fiat currency you wish to be paid with.
  3. Choose the best offer from one of our partners.
  4. Complete the sale on the website of the selected provider.
  5. Get your fiat funds.

If, on the contrary, you want to buy NEXO, then follow these steps:

  1. Select the fiat currency and specify the amount.
  2. Choose NEXO to purchase.
  3. Choose the best offer from one of the partners and proceed with the payment on its website.
  4. Get NEXO to your wallet.


The Nexo platform has a reputation for convenient and reliable service. The interface of the site is user-friendly and makes it easy for even beginners to set everything up. Customer funds are kept safe and protected by insurance. The NEXO token is quite a sought-after asset due to its high utility. The project’s prospects will depend directly on the quality of the platform’s development, attracting new users, and expanding the functionality.

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